Group Retiree Health Insurance & Rx

Flexible Retiree Health Coverage

As Baby Boomers retire in record numbers, the rise in new retiree health insurance claims can be risky, especially for self-funding groups. Benefit Plan Strategies can help. We offer flexible group retiree health insurance solutions that shift the risk away from employers. While catering to the special needs of retirees with flexible solutions.

Why Retiree Health Coverage?

In today's economy, medical inflation isn't over yet, and it's putting pressure on retirees as well as retiree medical plans. Just when administrative resources may be shrinking, retirement populations continue to expand. There are a lot of solutions out there. Of these, an employer-sponsored Group Retiree Insurance Plan offered through one of our highly rated insurance carriers can be an excellent choice for a lot of reasons.

Be Good to Your Retirees and Your Budget

By electing a Group Retiree Insurance Plan, you can accomplish three important goals:

  1. Take retirees out of the active medical plan, improving the active plan experience.
  2. Fulfill your obligation to retirees.
  3. Integrate with Medicare, taking advantage of Medicare's cost-containment measures.

Integrates with Medicare

A Benefit Plan Strategies fully insured Group Retiree Health Insurance Plan helps pay the Medicare-eligible deductibles, co-payments and out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered by Medicare. Plus, it helps take the burden off of companies while potentially lowering costs. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Multiple group sizes are eligible, from as few as two covered retiree lives to as many as thousands. Customized plans are available for groups of 100 or more.
  • Retirees, their spouses, widow(er)s and domestic partners age 65+ and entitled to Medicare, are all eligible, and coverage is guaranteed issue, subject to the Pre-existing Condition Limitation.
  • By segmenting age 65+ retirees into our plan, and with both voluntary and non-contributory plans available, employers can better control overall costs.
  • ​Employers can choose from a variety of prescription drug options for a better fit with their retirees' needs.
  • ​There are no medical networks to worry about. Retirees have access to any provider or hospital countrywide – at home or away.

Helping to Make it Easier

Why shoulder the administrative burden when you can offload it on one of our quality third-party administrators? Our services help assure you of:

         A choice of billing options with the ability to manage all types of vesting schedules.

         Various enrollment options to meet your needs.

         Electronic claims processing and payment.

         A toll-free customer service number for retirees, employers and providers.

         Online capabilities for inquiries about benefits and claims.

         Customer service representatives trained in senior care relations.

         HIPAA compliance.

Flexible alternatives for outpatient Rx

Medicare participants now have access to prescription drug coverage through Medicare Part D. This gives you more options to save on costs through Medicare programs. Benefit Plan Strategies offers a flexible alternative to include prescription drug coverage using Medicare Part D programs:

         Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) solutions using CMS-approved products.

         Offers one plan to cover all of their retirees located in the United States.

         Retirees have access to pharmacies across the country, and coverage under a broad formulary.

Benefit Plan Strategies can provide combined administration for both a high quality Medical Plan and Prescription Drug Plan – a simplified approach for your retiree healthcare needs.

But what about tiny groups?

Sure the larger groups save larger dollars, but  all things are relative.  We can write groups down to as few as two lives, even where one retiree + spouse combine to make the required two lives -- as long as both the retiree and spouse are post 65. We have tremendous flexilbity. Employer paid?  Done.  Retiree paid?  Done.  Combination of employer & retiree paid?  Done. Direct bill to retirees homes? Done.  Split bill to employer and retirees homes?  Done.  Tiny group?  Done.  Big group?  Done.  This product has a 97% retention rate -- amazingly high employer and retiree satisfaction scores!  Our mission is to help groups save money in this area. Give us a call.  We're happy to help.

Learn how other successful organizations have saved substantially by carving out Group Retiree Healthcare & Prescription Drug:

Ask for our five actual case studies with 275 to 25,000 retirees:

  • Government (Municipality) from Fully Insured PPO - 275 Retirees
  • Education (University) from Fully Insured Multi-Option PPO - 400 Retirees
  • Manufacturing from Self-funded Medical - 800 Retirees
  • Commercial Airline from Self-Funded PPO - 7,500 Retirees
  • Government (State) from Self-Funded PPO - 25,000 Retirees

Ask for our Carrier & TPA Fact Sheets, Reference Guides & Plan Highlights

Ask for our One Page Quote Request Summary

Quotes are surprisingly simple.  We only need the following:

  1. Employer name & address
  2. Census in Excel with DOB, Gender, State/Zip for each eligible person
  3. Copy of current coverage and rate
  4. Is current coverage self-funded or fully insured?
  5. Amount of employer contribution towards retiree coverage
  6. Requested plan effective date.

For more information or to ask about a preliminary proposal, simply email me at: